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SoftFil Classic Dermal Filling Micro Cannula - Box of 20 STOCK CLEARANCE

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SOFTFIL 30G x 25mm 1


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Cannula Specifications:

The SoftFil® Classic Dermal Filling range of micro-cannulas is ideal for beginners as well as highly experienced users. Each box of 20 comes with individual stylets to create easier entry with each cannula.

The SoftFil® Classic range of micro-cannulas is ideal for beginners as well as confirmed users

It has been developed after the renowned Soft Filling Technique, a standardized injection method accessible to all physicians. Whatever the technique, at least two types of cannulas can be selected from the SoftFil® Classic range. For each area injected, it will match your needs in terms of entry point, area breadth and injection depth.

Each type of SoftFil® Classic cannula has been tested from a rheological and clinical viewpoint with all fillers available on the market as well as for PRP.

  • A Clear Orifice Indicator For More Control
  • A Luer Lock Base For Greater Resistance
  • A Graduated Design For Greater Precision
  • Siliconised Stainless Steel Tubes For Greater Comfort

SF3025 L