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12 X Vacuum Filter Millipore Stericup Plus 0.22um PES Sterile 500ml

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12 X Vacuum Filter Millipore Stericup Plus 0.22um PES Sterile 500ml


The Stericup systems for sterile vacuum filtration of aqueous solutions such as tissue culture media and biological fluids. Each system is designed to maximize flow and reduce foaming and protein denaturation. Both Stericup and Steritop systems include a 500ml membrane funnel & receiver bottle. You must supply the following materials to use the Stericup system, Vacuum source, Vacuum Tubing and if needed you can use a glass media bottle no larger than a 2L with a 33 or 45mm neck size.

The Stericup PLUS units are compatible with most aqueous solutions. Based on the information from technical publication, material suppliers, laboratory tests and field evaluations Millipore believes that the agents listed in the following chart are safe to use with Stericap PLUS units. However because of the effects of variability in temperature, concentrations, duration of exposure and other factors outside of our control Millipore does not provide or imply a warranty with respect to this information. Agent that is not listed should be tested prior to use or call Millipore technical service for information.

Polyethersulphone is a hydrophilic membrane that has very low protein binding and high flow characteristics. It is also certified for ion chromatography.


Membrane: ICP Certified PES

Use with: Strong bases, alcohols, proteins, peptides

Applications:Ion chromatography, tissue culture filtration, filtration of proteins and nucleic acids, high-temperature liquids

  • Filter membrane Millipore Express plus PES
  • Membrane pore size 0.22um
  • Membrane Diameter 73mm
  • Maximum operation vacuum 25” Hg
  • Maximum operation temperature 50c / 122f
  • Filter flow rate samples exhibit an initial flow time of not more than 52 seconds to filter 500ml of water at 25” Hg vacuum