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Firmapress Powder

Glass Vials Australia is one of the largest producers and suppliers of medical research supplies and lab equipment. If you are looking for syringe needles, or any other piece of laboratory equipment including filtration systems, disposables, glassware, solvents, binders, capsules, and equipment.

One of our specialties is Firmapress, which is used to manufacture tablets and medicines. We have different types of Firmapress available in our stock. Firmapress is an all-in-one binding agent that is compatible with almost every component that you need to produce high-quality tablets and medicines.

The details of Firmapress available in our inventory are as follows:

●    Firmapress Blue 1kg
●    Firmapress Pink 1kg
●    Firmapress Yellow 1kg
●    Firmapress Green 1kg
●    Firmapress Purple 1kg
●    Firmapress Baby Blue 1kg
●    Firmapress Orange 1kg
●    Firmapress Red 1kg
●    Firmapress White 1kg

If you are looking to buy Firmapress online, we recommend you explore our inventory. Order our high-quality Firmapress from our vast variety of colours for all your medicine and table manufacturing needs. One of the major benefits of using Firmapress as the basic component of manufacturing a tablet is that it removes the stress of researching and developing a formula that would be compatible with the composition of the tablet. Since Firmapress works with almost all the formulas, you can easily order and use our Firmapress binding agent for manufacturing tablets and other medicines.

Firmapress includes fine-quality This is an easy-flowing powder that enhances your tablet's mass and offers a high bonding property.
microcrystalline cellulose.
If you are looking to order Firmapress from Glass Vials Australia, you will be eligible for free shipping. This is because any order over the value of 50 qualifies for free shipping. This offer is valid on all orders including Firmapress.

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