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Glass Beakers

Glass beakers are one of the most used laboratory equipment. Whether it is for at home use, medical research, or commercially, our glass beakers will suit your needs.

Are you looking to buy glass beakers online for your lab or medical research purposes? If so, Glass Vials Australia has got you covered. We are one of the leading medical and lab equipment suppliers in Australia, specializing in glass beakers.

Our inventory holds the largest stock of glass beakers in Australia, available in different sizes and volumes. The beakers that we produce are made of high-quality, top-grade borosilicate glass. The details of glass beakers that you can buy from our website are

●    Glass Beaker Low Form Borosilicate Glass 250ml LabCo
●    Glass Beaker Low Form Borosilicate Glass 600ml LabCo
●    Glass Beaker Low Form Borosilicate Glass 1000ml LabCo
●    Glass Beaker Low Form Borosilicate Glass 2000ml LabCo
●    Glass Beaker Low Form Borosilicate Glass 5000ml LabCo

Our glass beakers are built to last, with high tensile borosilicate glass. This ensures there is no fading, the enamel markings stay visible, and the beaker is shatter resistant. Our beakers are sure to suit your needs

Buying a glass beaker in the offline market is possible, but they come at a higher price compared to our online store. The quality available in the market varies upon the price you pay for the beaker. Having said that, buying a glass beaker for your experiments can pose a serious challenge if you do not know how to choose the right glass beaker. However, our website clearly clarifies all the details about our products. Our glass beakers are tough, durable, long-lasting, and made of borosilicate which holds a reputation for being one of the most reliable materials.

Glass beakers are available in our inventory in various sizes and volumes ranging from 250ml to 5000ml. Choose as per your requirement.

We always recommend people buy equipment and supplies for their experiments online from us instead of the traditional offline market. We offer great deals and specials, with a wider range than any other store in Australia. Choose from multiple sizes and volumes and order the perfect product for your laboratory experiments and medical research.