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Discover the finest gloves for optimal hand protection at Glass Vials Australia. Our comprehensive selection of gloves offers superior comfort and uncompromising safety for various applications. From medical-grade latex gloves to durable nitrile gloves, we provide industry-leading solutions that meet rigorous quality standards. Designed for precision and reliability, our gloves are perfect for healthcare professionals, laboratory technicians, and other industries where hand protection is paramount. Explore our range now and choose the ideal gloves to shield your hands from hazards. Trust Glass Vials Australia for top-quality gloves that combine unparalleled performance with maximum comfort.


Definition and Manufacturing Process

Latex, also known as natural rubber (NRL), is derived from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliense tree (Vaysse et al., 2012). To enhance its elasticity and heat resistance, chemicals are added through vulcanisation, which involves heating in the presence of sulphur. Additional chemical accelerators, such as mercaptobenzothiazole, thiurams, and carbamates, are incorporated for durability. Dry powder lubricants, often corn starch, are applied to prevent latex surfaces from sticking together.

Properties and Benefits

Latex possesses soft and stretchy characteristics, making it an excellent choice for gloves that provide a snug fit for various palm shapes and sizes. It offers resistance to tearing and can self-seal small punctures. With strong elastic properties, latex gloves deliver reliable performance and act as barriers against contamination and infection.


Composition and Characteristics

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber created from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2020). Modern high-quality nitrile gloves, like those from Mun Global, are often classified as "medical grade." These gloves have evolved to exhibit qualities akin to natural rubber, offering flexibility and fit sensitivity. Nitrile gloves boast comparable tensile strength and durability to latex gloves and are available in various colours.

Advantages and Applications

Nitrile gloves allow wearers to easily detect punctures and tears, ensuring optimal safety when handling infectious materials, especially in high-risk situations. Additionally, nitrile demonstrates resistance to various chemicals, particularly petroleum-based substances, making it a practical choice for safeguarding against hazardous materials.