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BD Alaris Pump Infusion Set

BD Alaris Pump Infusion Set

Product Code: 2420-0007

20 Single Use Sets

2 SmartSite Y-sites

20 Drops per a millilitre

25 ml; = 297 cm (117 in)

Set can be used for pump or gravity infusion

Sterile if Package Intact


Price $346.97

Complete your medical supplies kit with Glass Vials Australia's range of accessory products. Our accessories are designed to make your medical procedures safer, more efficient and comfortable. Choose from a variety of products including syringe caps to keep your syringes protected, needle clipping devices to safely dispose of used needles, interlink cannula accessories to enhance the performance of your cannula, and infusion sets to ensure smooth administration of fluid. Our range of IV accessory attachments allows you to choose the best fit for your specific needs. Trust the experts at Glass Vials Australia for all your medical supply needs and shop our selection of accessory products today.